Wake Up Now’s Awaken Energy Drink

wakeupnow Awaken Energy DrinkThe Awaken Energy Drink, Wake Up Now’s new product release has been the latest “buzz” in the world of Network Marketing.  

Wake Up Now’s new Energy Drink “Awaken” is expected to compete with similar Energy Supplements in the direct sales arena; meaning that company’s such as Advocare, Vemma, Ambit, Ignite, and Viridian are likely to experience a “headache” for lack of better words.

The Awaken Energy Drink was announced at the Wake Up Now corporate conference today. The Wake Up Now fan-page quotes “Just announced by Matt Schneck: Awaken Coffee with Ganoderm. Kona Blend and Arabica Black. Coming this fall!”.

What’s in the Awaken Energy Drinks?

As you can see, Wake Up Now plans to release multiple “consumables” in the near future. The current detail of these products is limited; however we do know that the Awaken Energy Drink, Awaken Coffee, and whatever other Awaken products hit the market will for sure be Organic based products. This will put them in the “healthy” energy realm which is extremely exciting.

Awaken Energy Drink

Since we have no descriptive detail of these consumables yet, it’s hard to give my thoughts or pre-review over what I think these products will bring to the marketplace. However, I can tell you what I think Awaken Energy Drink, Awaken Coffee, and the rest of the “Awaken” product line will GREATLY increase the value of Wake Up Now itself!

“why?” you might ask; allow me to explain:

awaken energ drink comparisonOne of the bigger problems that Wake Up Now IBO’s face is the rejection that “Wake Up Now is not a legitimate company”. Now, this is obviously not the case, but when we have a prospect who’s considering joining; they’ll seek out every negative aspect of the company to make themselves feel like the’ve done their “research”.

Now, I do my research too; but I don’t deliberately look for things that are going to make me have ill feelings towards the company, what’s the point? In the past (before the “Awaken” product line) Wake Up Now was known as a PAS (Platform as a Service) Company. Meaning that until now, there have been NO physical products; but rather discounts, money management, vacation deals, etc.

“Negativity Seekers” think that this immediately makes Wake Up Now a “scam”; despite the fact that even with Wake Up Now as a PAS, it provides tremendous value. At any rate, Wake Up Now is no longer a PAS.

With the release of the Awaken Energy Drink “Wake Up Now” now offers physical, tangible, consumable products; rendering the “PAS Scam” objection entirely invalid!

How to Buy Awaken Energy Drink Products:

Awaken Energy Drinks will be distributed through Wake Up Now IBO’s (such as myself). If you’d like to become a Wake Up Now IBO and make money off of this stuff yourself, you should click here to find out how to get involved.

As of right now, the exact process that you will have to go through in order to purchase Awaken products is unknown; however it is rumored that it will be sold in some way through the Wake Up Now marketplace.

That’s all for now; care to be updated along the way?

As for now, there’s not really any more to be said about the Awaken Energy Drink. Since there is no REAL description of what the products will contain, the quantity, price, effectiveness, flavors, etc.; it’s hard to go any further into detail. If you’d like to be notified of how the Awaken Products are developing along the way opt-into my list here and I’ll make sure to let you know. This is my FREE Training Series List; but I still send out important company updates. (such as this one)! Until next time; stay classy!

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